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Jean Michel Frank

At the age of twenty, Jean-Michel Frank found himself quite alone in the word, his two brothers died in the Great War , his father committed suicide, his mother was crazed with grief. But he was also heir to the sizable fortune of wealthy parisian family of Jewish origin, distantly related to Anna Frank . With his refined tastes and a melancholy air, from 1920 to 1925 he cruised about the world in luxory steamships. In 1932 he and Adolphe Chanaux established a design studio for forniture , and their clients included the cream of well-to-do Paris. Frank's furniture is luxurios to say at least, and quite an antithesis to the principles of the Modern Movement. Frank upholstered his pieces in hand-made rushwork or expensive sharkskin, used lush materials such us ivory and sycamore , and drew on De Pisis and Matisse for the decorative detailing. In the winter of 1939-40 , the imminent nazi invasion, drove Frank from Paris to America, where in 1941 threw himself out of a skyscraper window in New York.

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