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L. Mies Van Der Rohe

Born in Auchen , Mies learned the fondamentals of design while working in the studios of Bruno Paul and Peter Beherens. While only a few of his projects had been realised at the time, Mies rose to fame between the wars as a member of the progressive Novembergruppe and as director of the Bauhaus(1930-33) In 1938 he quit Nazi Germany for the United States, where he became first a lecturer and then a director of the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago. His american perios was very intense , and he exported the philosophy of the Modern Movement , contributing several key ideasof his own , particular his, architectural use of glass. In design too he showed exstraordinary mastery. Casting off restrictions of functionalism and industrial production , he successfully fused a crispness of line and keen attention to detail with comfort or, more exactly, with luxury.

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