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René Herbst

The last twenty years were the elastic steel tube's furniture years. While Le Corbusier made a chair “a reglage continue”, Renè Herbst has endowed his model by a roping of elastic laces. Renè Herbst produced chairs in his own furnishing firm in Paris, called “the establisement”. In those exciting twenty's, Rene Herbst was called “l'homme d'acier”. He has been one of the formers to start the experimentation of this new material in the furniture field. He was an interior designer. Herbst studied in London, USSR and ltaly. He was one of the formers member of the “UAM” (“Union des Artistes Modernes”) founded in France in the 1930. In the later 1940s the “UAM” regularly organised exhibitions, called the “formes utiles”, which motto was “ Neue Sachlichkeit ”. The most important works of Herbst are the furniture for Begum Aga Khan that allowed him to realise without any arrangement what he meant about quality.

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